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Communicating effectively with the school, welcoming new families or many other issues, find out how the APEF stands by the families.

Parents Class Rep, new parents welcome comittee, conferences, Staff appreciation...

Parents Class Rep

As ambassadors of the APEF, they are the key link between the parents, the class head teacher and the APEF Section Manager. They play an essential role in the communication flow between the different stakeholders of the school.

For more information on the role of the class rep and how to apply to become one:
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new parents welcome comittee

Each year, the APEF organizes several events to welcome new parents to the Florimont school, especially at the beginning of the school year.

The APEF organizes the following events:

  • A welcome coffee on the first day of school for new families.

  • An open-door event, around mid-September, to present the activities of the APEF and to meet parents who wish to become involved in the association.

  • Visits of the campus, when possible, with the possibility of sharing a moment of conviviality around a lunch in the school canteen.


In order to answer the questions that parents have on many subjects (orientation, stress management, addiction prevention, hyperactivity, etc.), the APEF organizes several conferences per year on various themes...

  • The conferences are free for Florimont parents.

  • Organized in person at the school or by video conference.

Staff appreciation (Merci Flo)

For several years now, the APEF has been thanking, on behalf of all parents, all the Florimont staff for their work and dedication to the children through an initiative called Merci Flo.

  • It consists in a small gift selected and purchased by the APEF for all Florimont staff (teachers, administrative staff, kitchen staff, etc...).

  • Distributed by APEF volunteers at the end of the school year.


Welcome coffee for new parents from April 2024
Monthly Mass for parents April 2024 at 8:15 a.m.
APEF Video conference with Dr. Marc Turiault
Welcome coffee for new parents from May 2024
Monthly Mass for parents in May 2024 at 8:15 a.m.
Welcome coffee for new parents from June 2024

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The APEF is committed to charitable projects that integrate social responsibility into students' education and inspire them to make a positive contribution to the society around them.
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The APEF works on a voluntary basis for all the members of the office, the parent class delegates and the parents of pupils likely to bring their occasional or regular assistance to one or other of the activities of the APEF.

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