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There are two ways to get involved in the APEF, either as a class rep or in the Parents' Club

Class representative

As in previous years, one or two class rep are appointed for each class (across sections). This registration is done through the present form and the final nominations, in case of multiple registrations, will be done before the end of September.
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parents' club

The Parents' Club is a group of volunteer parents who wish to get involved in specific projects but do not wish to sit on the Committee (Course de l’Escalade race, Conferences, Christmas Market, Bal des terminales, 7th grade party, Kermesse, Career lunches, etc.).
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Reminder of the role and mission of class rep

1. To act as a key interlocutor between the parents, the homeroom teacher, the teachers and the person in charge of the APEF in his/her section. S/he represents the parents to the homeroom teacher for general questions and plays an essential role in the communication between the different stakeholders of the school's life;
2. Participate in the development of a positive and supportive class spirit between parents and students.
3. To represent the parents of the class for which s/he is the representative.

1. Distribute to parents the list of contact information of the students in the class (transmitted by the APEF), making sure to follow the data protection policy, in particular by putting parents email addresses in blind copy (bcc) when sending out mass communication.
2. Keep up to date on class life and be a listening ear to parents to identify common questions and/or concerns. These exchanges are generally done by email, telephone or during meetings between parents, to be organised on a need basis.
3. Communicate regularly with the class rep Section Head, either by phone, email, or verbally at a meeting at the school. This informal communication allows each of them to keep abreast of the various relevant issues and facilitates the defusing of any false problems. In that context, the class rep undertakes to observe a duty of reserve and confidentiality that is of paramount importance to the success of their mission.
4. To meet with the homeroom teacher, if necessary, if recurring questions and/or common concerns of the parents arise. Yet, the school program and pedagogical teaching remain entirely the responsibility of the school's management.
5. To participate, with all the class reps, in meetings with the director/dean/prefects (depending on the section) and the APEF Head of his/her Section to deal, in an organized and constructive manner, with the various questions raised and initiatives suggested by the parents; these meetings take place twice during the school year, usually in the evening.
6. Relaying information from the APEF to parents. This mainly involves sending information from the APEF by email and collecting any feedback from parents.
7. Keeping informed and/or participating in the cultural activities of the school and/or the APEF, depending on the information provided by the school and/or the APEF. To be attentive to the feedback of the participants in order to timely debrief the school via the APEF.
8. Organise, at least once a year when possible and preferably before the Christmas break, an informal gathering and/or dinner between parents and children in order to create connections and a solid and friendly network of Florimont families.

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APEF undertakes not to divulge the data transmitted and to use them only within the framework of its activities within the Institute.
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