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course de l' Escalade

Course de l'Escalade

45th edition

from Florimont!
km of tracks
years old
Escalade 2022 video

Register to one or more, of the following races:

  • Course du Duc (new)
  • Blocs d’allure (adultes)
  • Marmite
  • Walking
  • Enfants
  • Juniors
overview of all races
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For all 2023 APEF members

A surprise awaits all APEF members registered to one of the races.

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marmite :
concours du plus beau costume!

Soyez créatif et osez!!

Nos juges élirons le plus beau costume sur la base de vos photos, à nous envoyer avant le 6 Décembre

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Follow our training program

  • Organised by 2 professional coaches
  • From 9:00 to 10:00
  • On Sundays 5th and 19th of november in Evaux
  • On Sundays 12th and 26th in Eaux-Vives
  • Register via the QR code
  • Warmup all together
  • Training by level
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Join our team of volunteers on the D-day and help us organise this great sport event!

New this year, all APEF members registered to one of the races will receive a snood!


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some history...

The Escalade takes its name from the assault on the ramparts of the city of Geneva, given by the troops of the Duke of Savoy on the night of December 11 to 12, 1602...

(city of Geneva website)

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